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Mortgage Renewal Is A Great
Time To Review Your Needs And
Make Sure You Have The Right
Mortgage If Your Needs
Have Changed


    You Don’t Have To Renew Your
    Mortgage With The Same
    Lender. You Can Choose To
    Move Your Mortgage To
    Another Lender If It Offers
    You Terms And Conditions
    That Better Suit Your Needs.


      Are You Looking For A Mortgage Renewal In Toronto or Surrounding Ontario Areas?

      The best way to ensure you receive the best mortgage renewal rates in Ontario suited for your needs at renewal time is to enlist Arash Sef with Approved Equity to get the lenders competing for your business just like we do when negotiating any mortgage.

      A lot can change over a single mortgage term, and you can miss out on great savings and options if you simply sign a renewal with your existing lender without consulting your mortgage broker.

      Sometimes, switching lenders makes sense as part of our ongoing strategy to ensure we save you as much money as possible throughout your time as a mortgage holder.

      Here Are 5 Things To Remember When Approaching Your Mortgage Renewal Time:

      You’ve established a track record of making mortgage payments as a homeowner, and lenders are willing to compete for your business. That’s where I can provide great help. Your first step is to connect with me. With low interest rates and an ever-growing selection of innovative mortgage solutions, you could potentially save thousands by empowering us to shop around on your behalf.

      As a seasoned Mortgage Agent, I understand what’s going on in the marketplace. With access to a diverse range of lenders – from banks, credit unions, trust companies, private funders and beyond – I will find the best mortgage options and interest rate for your renewal. After all, paying close attention to options, in addition to rate, can save you a significant amount of money over the life of your new mortgage. I will shop your application up to four months before the maturity date and lock in the lowest rate in advance. If your current lender is offering a low rate, don’t accept the offer without consulting with me as we can further negotiate the renewal offer from almost every lender thanks to my well-established partnership. And, rate is just one effective way to save money on your mortgage!

      l’ll outline several of your best options and clearly explain why we choose one lender’s product over another to meet your specific needs. Over and above considering the lowest rate, we’ll discuss whether a fixed or variable rate is better for your situation. Also, there are lots of “no frills” offers on renewal. I will dissect your renewal offers to ensure the mortgage being accepted is right for you!

      Your renewal time presents the perfect opportunity to tap into your home equity because you won’t be charged a penalty to break your mortgage early. If you’ve racked up some debt, plan to renovate, want to take a vacation or simply wish to improve your cash flow, approaching your renewal date is the best time to think about accessing equity. I will provide you with access to the very best mortgage options and rate for your renewal!

      I want to save you money on interest at renewal time! Let me negotiate your current renewal offers with multiple lenders and leverage the existing renewal offer to obtain an even more competitive offer!

      Contact me now to get instant help when your mortgage is coming up for renewal.

      Call Now To Get the Best Mortgage Renewal Rates in Ontario

      From the first time I spoke to Arash Sef, I felt comfortable and at ease, and that was all due to his calm, patient, and non-judgemental personality.

      Arash is very knowledgeable and confident in his profession, and in my experience, delivered what he said he could, no empty promises, even though I had what I thought was a complicated file.

      If I had to go through this process again, I would definitely go to Arash because of his patience, knowledge, and the fact that he was with me every step of the way.

      Toronto, ON

      I would say that Arash was very efficient and gave excellent customer service was prompt with all his return calls and help while I was under pressure, in a reassuring fast service. I would recommend Arash to anybody looking for financial assistance.
      Debra R.
      Hamilton, ON.

      Thanks to Arash and Approved Equity Loans I was able to close my pre construction purchase. After the stress test, I was no longer qualified for the mortgage amount. Arash was still able to find me a lender that did not use to the stress test and got my mortgage approved!
      I will always be grateful for your help Arash.
      Joyce D. 
      Barrie, ON

      I wanted to take a moment to say thank you to Arash. Our mortgage was far from an easy one. However, he was able to assist us in one week. We came to Arash in panic, looking for a home equity loan as we were in a power of sale with current mortgage. We had missed 3 mortgage payments and we were afraid of losing our home.  Arash was efficient and made us feel extremely comfortable through out this process. His honesty was very noticeable.  He was successful in securing a secoand mortgage for us to pay off the missed payments on our first mortgage and we also consolidated all of our credit card debts.  His knowledge and experience was greatly appreciated. Thanks again for everything you did for us.
      Sally M. & John M.
      Oshawa, ON

      What a pleasant experience we had working with Arash at Approved Equity Loans. We contacted him for a short term home equity loan in order to pay off all of our high interest credit card debts. Arash made the process very understanding by explaining to us every step of the way. In a few words, I’d say that Arash was attentive, accessible and very knowledgeable. If anyone I know is looking for a home equity loan or mortgage, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Arash.
      Jim C & Alexandra C.
      Oakville, ON

      Arash, Thank you so much for helping us in such a timely manner, we couldn’t have done it without your help!!! Arash got us a second mortgage to assist with down payment of our new purchase. His work speaks for itself.  We will definitely refer to all of our family and friends.
      Sharlene M.
      Hamilton, ON

      Arash is extremely passionate about his job. Arash is always professional and client orientated.  As a realtor, I have enjoyed working with Arash on multiple deals for my clients. He’s always been able to deliver a solution for each one of my clients.  He’s proactive and updates me on a regular basis on all of my claients files.  Thank you Arash.
      Tony S.
      North York, ON

      Arash went above and beyond to help my parents with their mortgage needs during a very difficult time in their lives. His compassion and professionalism was commendable. I would highly recommend him.
      Michelle J.
      Toronto, ON

      Can’t say how much I appreciate the extra time and service Arash put into my mortgage… 1st class service!

      Raymond Y.
      Scugog, ON

      Arash has the best customer service ever! Always a quick response and very accommodating right away! Arash got me approved 3 different times! I hope to work with you again and again thanks!!

      Alicia A.
      Scarborough, ON

      As inexperienced first time home buyers, we needed someone who was patiently willing to explain every detail and give us as much information as possible. We have interviewed several agents and requested quotes from them; what set apart Arash from the rest was how he broke down the information and explained it.
      Another major point was how he was always on top of updating us with our file’s progress which was huge for us as we felt we had to chase down the other agents to get information. Arash also does have access to the best deals on the market, we know that because we do our research. The combination of all these points makes Arash the perfect man for the task.
      Bassem B. & Ghada Z.
      Markham, ON

      Arash is the man, he helped me painstakingly secured 2 mortgages which banks said no to. he’s very professional, hard working and easy to deal with. I will definitely go back to him for my future property investment.

      Wen H.
      Toronto, ON

      Arash was a complete professional in handling my mortgage application, from beginning to end. Not only was he dedicated to finding me the best rate for my brand new home, he even followed up on my behalf with my lawyer and builder to finalize details and paperwork. He kept me informed every step of the way. He was trustworthy, attentive and dedicated to providing me with the best experience in buying my first home. I highly recommend his services! Thank you so much for your hard work and for the fantastic outcome!

      Shannon D.
      Etobicoke, ON

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