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      Stop Power of Sale in Ontario – Keep Your Home

      Are you behind on your mortgage payments and your lender has taken legal action? I Can Help!

      My Keep Your Home program has helped many homeowners stay in their homes even after months of mortgage arrears!

      Selecting the right mortgage broker is crucial during this time-sensitive matter. My expertise is in finding mortgage solutions for homeowners who are currently facing a power of sale.

      With your consent, I’ll communicate with all parties including your existing mortgage lender and the lender’s legal team. I will also secure a new mortgage for you, which will enable you to pay off your mortgage arrears as well as any other outstanding debt.

      In addition to keeping you in the comfort of your own home, you’ll be in a better financial position moving forward! With my help, all legal action and court proceedings will quickly stop.

      Power of Sale Process: What Is A Power of Sale?

      Power of sale is often used by a lender to recover funds when the homeowner defaults on mortgage payments. This is a way for the lender to begin proceedings against the borrower without using the courts.

      Both the lender and homeowner must follow the proper power of sale process in Ontario. This power of sale process in Ontario set out in the Mortgages Act includes:

      1. The borrower defaults on mortgage payments
      2. The lender serves notice to the borrower
      3. The borrower has a redemption period, which is 35 days after notice is received
      4. The lender takes possession of the property
      5. The lender sells the property
      6. The lender is paid the outstanding amount of the mortgage plus any additional costs associated with the default and collection of money. Any remaining funds are paid to the borrower

      If the property can’t be sold, the lender can then sue the borrower for the outstanding mortgage amount or sue for foreclosure. If, however, the defaulted mortgage is insured through a mortgage default insurance policy and there is still an outstanding balance, the lender will make a claim on this policy and not sue the borrower. The mortgage default insurer will pay the lender’s claim and proceed against the borrower to recover the amount paid.

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      Funded Power Of Sale Mortgages

      Fast Turn Around Time & Efficiency​

      I pride myself on providing supreme efficiency and quick turnaround times on all mortgage inquires. With access to my extensive list of real estate investors, I’m able to assist homeowners with those “hard to place mortgages” in a short period of time. My professionalism and lengthy experience in the industry will allow for stress free and painless mortgage process.

      I never charge clients upfront fees. I offer free no-obligation consultations to all homeowners looking for unbiased and up-to-date information on your very best options.

      Approved Equity Loans helped me get caught up to date with my property taxes and mortgage payments. I was going through a rough batch with my medical issues causing me to miss work. Arash was super easy to work with and helped me get a home equity loan the same week I reached out to him. He’s the most commitment mortgage broker I’ve worked with in a long time. I would recommend his services to those looking for a professional.

      Randy C. 
      Burlington, ON

      Can’t say how much I appreciate the extra time and service Arash put into my mortgage… 1st class service!

      Raymond Y.
      Scugog, ON

      From the first time I spoke to Arash Sef, I felt comfortable and at ease, and that was all due to his calm, patient, and non-judgemental personality.

      Arash is very knowledgeable and confident in his profession, and in my experience, delivered what he said he could, no empty promises, even though I had what I thought was a complicated file.

      If I had to go through this process again, I would definitely go to Arash because of his patience, knowledge, and the fact that he was with me every step of the way.

      Toronto, ON

      I would say that Arash was very efficient and gave excellent customer service was prompt with all his return calls and help while I was under pressure, in a reassuring fast service. I would recommend Arash to anybody looking for financial assistance.

      Debra R.
      Hamilton, ON.

      I wanted to take a moment to say thank you to Arash. Our mortgage was far from an easy one. However, he was able to assist us in one week. We came to Arash in panic, looking for a home equity loan as we were in a power of sale with current mortgage. We had missed 3 mortgage payments and we were afraid of losing our home. Arash was efficient and made us feel extremely comfortable through out this process. His honesty was very noticeable. He was successful in securing a second mortgage for us to pay off the missed payments on our first mortgage and we also consolidated all of our credit card debts. His knowledge and experience was greatly appreciated. Thanks again for everything you did for us.

      Sally M. & John M.
      Oshawa, ON

      Arash went above and beyond to help my parents with their mortgage needs during a very difficult time in their lives. His compassion and professionalism was commendable. I would highly recommend him.

      Michelle J.  
      Toronto, ON

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